Case Study #2

Sometimes the greatest challenge a DMC faces with a program is not its complexity or the number of participants, but the demand for creativity – for designing program components that have never been done before, and which often “push the system” regarding the local infrastructure with its governmental restrictions and local ordinances.

Such was the case with a high end & highly-demanding organization comprised of corporate Presidents and CEOs from around the world, all of whom became head of $100 million dollar companies before reaching the age of 40. Understandably these participants are high-energy, “just do it” people, and the components of their programs need to reflect their nature and match their egos.

Horizon took up and successfully met this challenge, and was honored to be selected to operate simultaneously all the programs (called “Academies”).

The Academies were developed with the specific needs and requirements of Corporate President’s & CEO’s in mind, and to make each Academy the most stimulating, memorable and ultimately enriching experience possible for each guest. Throughout the development process, the following key points were incorporated into the Academies:

  • Key point #1: To stage uniquely-themed events and activities exclusively for them
  • Key point #2: To arrange on-site education not available to the general public
  • Key point #3: To provide facilities, equipment and operations support in order to enhance safety and security
  • Key point #4: To offer relaxed yet stimulating time for group interaction and networking
  • Key point #5: To ensure group and personal VIP treatment for all participants

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