Horizon “drives the talk” about introducing green initiatives.

Much in life revolves about balance!

Horizon people care about their impact on the environment, both as corporate citizens and leaders in our industry. We have broadened our efforts to confront “green” issues internally, and are working with our clients to create green solutions and promote environmentally-friendly practices.

Over the past few years, Horizon has strived to eliminate waste and evaluate new methods for maintaining environmentally-friendly grounds.

We recently implemented new programs in our offers.  We have created and are sponsoring  eco days, with green rules, promoting and advantaging suppliers being pioneers in their own line of business in terms of being friendly to nature. We can organize reforestation but can also match experiencing ultimate luxury in a resort property with an environmental twist.

From simple ingenuity to large scale responsibility, sustainable growth is a realistic goal. This is a message we are trying to filter our customers with, and that by the very few means we have, thus the different activities and ideas we suggest.