We enable and encourage people to do things differently by developing their strengths, knowledge and confidence.

We demonstrate our commitment to human potential through philanthropic initiatives and partnerships with organizations offering programs designed to educate.

In addition to our monetary donations for educational purposes, Horizon people support our goals and objectives through volunteerism, leveraging their personal talents and professional skill sets to further improve our communities.

We prefer to make grants for specific projects with measurable results;

As an example,  been pro-active that there would be a drop in dinner numbers from a large international conference, Horizon often provides large  portions of food to the Orphanage w in Kallithea area, in our neighborhood and the shelter for homeless and families with no income in the suburbs of Nea Smyrni.

Moreover we  monthly “loop” on a different cause and “give the stage” to an organization dedicated in a specific humanitarian effort.

SKEP – Association for Social Responsibility for Children and Youth, acts as a communication platform which links children and adolescents that rarely have the opportunity to interact and share their experiences, ideas and feelings. Its initiative in both the conception and organization of the innovative artistic partnerships is offering them the occasion to discover their own communication code.

Such effort was an art exhibition presented in the beautiful galleries of the renown Vorres Museum, and which under the name “Finger Prints”, brought children and youth with physical, sensory, intellectual and mental disabilities together with students from both schools and universities. A beautiful characteristic sample of this exhibition is the one  shown hereby.