Horizons’ goal is to be the best at delivering value to our clients on their travel investments. We enjoyed growth in new and existing accounts particularly in the European and North American markets.

How do we define quality?

Horizon is keenly aware of the need for quality both with our services and in our work environment.

Earlier in this decade, we moved into new and privately owned premises, thus assuring a work environment that is functional, inspiring and leads to both personal and professional growth.

Our 17 permanent team members (but also those in our sister companies) all share a common name: Horizon. To our clients, Horizon means quality service, creative ideas and positive, supportive people.

Additionally, we have an internal system that regularly evaluates our suppliers and their services in order to maintain our quality management control. This evaluation system has been established and is in use since December 1998. We are also being  evaluated through the international organizations we are partners or members of such as Global Events Partners.

How do we measure internally customer satisfaction?

Through a structured process, Horizon focuses on identifying and exceeding the expectations of our corporate, meetings and group travel clients. Measurement is conducted through client meetings, evaluations and direct dialog as well as by using our own Performance Evaluation Form.