Aristeidis Tsaldaris


The history of Horizon is rich in tradition and innovation. And like Greece itself, we credit our accomplishments to hard work and visionary people working together. Founded in 1948 out of the ashes of war, Horizon emerged as a pioneer in offering cruises and specialized group tours throughout Greece. Under the leadership of our founder and mentor, the late George Tsaldaris, our company carefully grew, building a solid foundation that allowed for future strength and diversity.

Today Horizon has grown into a four operating companies, all roofed under our own building, offering a wide range of destination management, event management, performance improvement tools, staffing, production, entertainment  and transportation services. We take pride in our work. Each day we strive to provide creative solutions with the highest level of service for our clients. Our attention to detail has earned us prestigious quality certificates, and many preferred contracts at different markets.

Recognition and trust are identified in our blood.

Our vision

Moving into the next decades, the future of our company is bright. To better serve a growing market, we will play a greater role in client motivation programs, and will further develop our strategic alliances in the global market. With the strength of our Horizon team, we will continue our Tradition of Excellence by exceeding the expectations of our industry partners, clients and friends.

For the next 3-5 years Horizon is focusing on three key corporate initiatives that are particularly important to the way we serve our clients:

A. Worldwide Lines of Business
For each of our major business we are developing worldwide networks to deliver our services with speed, efficiency and consistency. We are working to establish a common value proposition and brand identity.

B. Major Account Teams
To complement this business structure, we are developing client-focused Major Account Teams that will deliver and integrate the full line of Horizon services to our largest and most promising accounts.

C. e-Business
In the world of e-business we see two very prominent and immediate opportunities. We shall accelerate the infusion of technology as an integral part of our core services.

People Drive Success

Greece, like other Mediterranean countries, is a market where most companies are family-run. The values of a Family drive our existence.   “People drive success” is a motto in Horizon. Whether they’re our employees, channel partners or customers, it’s people who transform business. We tap into the power of people and unleash the human potential that exists throughout our organization.