Case Study #3

A large-scale event, which stands out as a good example is an incentive program that Horizon operated for an automotive company (USA and Canada divisions). This remarkable program, not so much for the number of participants handled (480 persons), but for the complexity of its planning and operation.

The USA division operated a 2-tier program, whilst the Canadian division a single program. We therefore had the following 3 programs operating simultaneously:

  • USA Grand: Top (VIP) level program for 80 participants
  • USA Basic: Basic program for 240 participants
  • Canada: Upscale level program for 160 participants

The program outline of the two higher level programs (USA Grand & Canada) was:

  • September 25-27: 2-night stay in Athens
  • September 27-October 01: Cruise to the Greek Isles & Turkey
  • October 01: Disembarkation in Kusadasi & flight to Istanbul on charter planes
  • October 01-04: 3-night stay in Istanbul

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