An unbeatable EXPERIENCE….

An unbeatable EXPERIENCE….

Who knows where or what Syros is?…. Did you know that it is one of our amazing little islands in the heart of the Aegean?… On Syros there is THE most unique event taking place, ANNUALLY, hundreds of visitors are gathered and this the Holy Friday for the Orthodox and the Catholic Easter…

No matter that the Easter does not fall at the same time for both the Orthodox or the Catholics, tradition has it that each church has its own epitaph BUT where they both meet in front of the city hall at the main square of the island, sing their palms and continue their paths back to their according church. A proof that each religion has its own beliefs – customs and traditions, but deep down there is unity between all.

Syros island is magnificent, has its own uniqueness, traditional beauty of a Greek island in combination with the venetian elements. One of the characteristics of Syros are the 2 hills, both apparent from the moment the ship is approaching the island. Each hill is claimed by a church, on the left is the Catholic and, on the right is the Orthodox. It is one of the few islands where the inhabitants are split, Orthodox and Catholic.

The Greek Easter is the most important religious holiday in Greece. A time where families come together no matter what. A time that customs and traditions are strongly put in place.

A few important Easter traditions are:

  • Painting of the eggs
  • Baking of Easter cookies – made either on Holy Thursday or Holy Saturday
  • Decorating the Epitaph on Holy Friday after the morning church service
  • Preparing the festive Sunday Easter lunch where there are multiple items to be set up and all starts from Saturday… the most important the preparation of the lamb(s) on the spit…

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